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Due to the fine weave and naturally off-white color cotton bags are perfect if you need to print fine detail on the bag. The material is washable and soft to the touch. All our cotton bags are 100% natural and are totally unbleached.

These cotton bags are easy-to-carry with a soft shoulder strap, spacious in size and are available in a wide range of colors with trendy designs and patterns. Our Cotton Bags are pocket friendly and highly customizable as per our Customer needs.

We have focused on the segment of Cotton bags, cotton tote, Trade Show Totes, Classic Totes, Boat Bags and Foldable Bags.

When we choose about purchasing countless items from a mall or a shopping complex or from a nearby grocery store, we certainly search for a carrier in which the things can be placed effortlessly. Cotton bags truly seem to be a multipurpose carrier that has been picking up an enormous popularity all around the globe.

Usability Chart: Good Eco-Credentials, Excellent printability and very cost effective, Not as durable as Jute or Juco.

Category Cotton Bag
Size Available as per customer's requirement
Material Cotton
Printing single OR multi color Printing