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Clay Cookware: Traditional cookware better than your non-stick pan?

We all have stories about our favorite dish cooked by our grandmother. I remember how my grandmother used simple ingredients with no specific measurements and the food always turned out to be so tasty! How many of you have meticulously tried to re-create that specific dish and failed? Yes, I have too. Turns out, there’s a secret after all. It’s not all in the cooking; it’s what we cook with.

Clay pots have been used in India since ancient times for various purposes. Diyas or lanterns made of clay were used to light homes & temples, huge earthen pots were used to store grains and water. Even now, in some rural areas, women still use clay pots for cooking. Due to modernization, people have switched to aluminum and other metal utensils because of their ease of operation. In our fast-paced lives, we try our best to eat organic and nutritious food to remain healthy. But we have failed to realize that most of the nutrients in our food are being destroyed during the cooking process before we can even consume it. It is true. The chemicals induced in modern non-stick Teflon coated pans deprive food of its natural nutrients. On the other hand, clay pots are completely safe. There are many health benefits of using clay pots for cooking than our regular utensils.

Food is tastier!

Clay pots are porous in nature. They help in the even distribution of heat and moisture to the food while cooking. This might make the cooking process a tad bit slow, but it also makes the food healthier and tastier as it not only retains all the nutrients present in the food but also adds natural flavor which is not the case with aluminum (or similar) utensils.

Next time you prepare biryani, make it in a clay pot and enjoy the whole new dimension it gives to the dish.  

Cook with less oil.

The amount of oil or fat used for cooking is minimized as the ingredients cook in their natural oils and liquids due to the steam that is locked in the pot while cooking. This excellent quality of clay pots makes it the best option for those who are very conscious of limiting the intake of oils in their food.

Alkaline nature of clay

The mud that is used to make these clay pots is alkaline in nature and is rich in many micro-nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, etc. This property of the clay pots maintains the pH balance of the food by reducing the acidity. If the food is not that acidic, then clay pot adds a natural sweetness to the food.


 Using earthenware is environmentally friendly. They are completely bio-degradable as they are made from a natural substance.

Importance of Earthenware in Our Lives

Rural India still mainly depends on earthen pots, but people in urban areas are also interested in these beautiful utensils. Apart from being gorgeous, Earthenware has some essential benefits as well.

First of all, their porous nature helps in circulating heat throughout your food, unlike other materials. The clay pots help in making any food tender and thoroughly cooked.

Secondly, these cooking pots are relatively heat resistant, and that is why you will be able to prepare delicious dishes without wasting too much oil. Many people prefer to use these earthenware pots to save money and be healthy.

Ideal for storing dairy products

You must have noticed that popular Bengali dishes like sweetened curd and mishti doi are generally made in terracotta clay vessels. Don’t they offer the pleasure of unique and fantastic taste to your taste buds? The secret behind such fabulous taste is the rawness and earthiness of terracotta. Similarly, try using Ellementry’s natural terracotta curd setter for setting curd. You’ll have heavenly tasting curd with its use. The most notable fact is that terracotta retains the natural taste of the stored items..